My name is Lene.

This blog is a record of my sewing journey. I used to sew in my teens and early 20s. I made jackets in checked fabric – where the checks matched – and I always inserted zippers by hand.  In fact, looking back, I realise that I actually did know a lot about sewing thanks to my mother who taught me.

So what happened? Life I guess. I explored some parts of the world, I got married, I had not one, but three different careers, and I had two wonderful children who are now successful in their own chosen careers. There were some rocks on my path too including losing my husband in 2004 – but I have recently found new love and I have much to smile about again.

Unfortunately years also have their impact on the body. I am no longer the straight Burda size 38 I used to be. The waist is not as defined, the bust has increased and my back is not as straight as it once was. I have to learn how to change a pattern to fit me – and that is a totally new challenge for me.

Ozviking? … I was born and grew up in Denmark, but have lived in Australia since my early 20s …


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Lene,

    I have sacks and sacks of designer fabric offcuts for sale and thought that your blog followers might be interested?

    The pieces vary in size but are around 50cm² – 100cm² and are great for trims, feature panels and craft projects.

    The fabrics are silk georgette, silk satin, silk habutae, cottons, t shirting, merino wool, lace, prints, ombres, digital prints, plains, sequined…

    I can email you pics

    Prices are $9/kg

    Kind regards

    Coolbellup 6163

    • Katie, thank you so much. I will pass the information on to fellow sewers. How would you like to be contacted? Everyone together at one specific time or each one of us to make a specific time with you. I belong to two sewing groups Burda Sewing Club and Australian Sewing Guild. Write to Lene at iinet dot net dot au 🙂

  2. Dear Lene

    I hope you don’t mind another post about fabric. I am an avid (sewer) fabric collector, heaps from places like the New York garment district, and I’ve really overdone it, so I’m seeing if anyone might be interested in looking at it and my rehoming efforts. I have started a blog just for this…I’m trying to make the blog look really lovely and interesting with lots of inspiration too. I won’t presume to post the web address here, but would be pleased if you dropped me an email so I could send you the address in case you wanted a quick look?

    Thanks so much and best regards

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