A year has passed …….

Time flies when you are having fun.

And I’ve had fun!

I ran and finished the Perth Marathon in June 2013 – granted, I didn’t finish in a very good time – but even so, I was the second woman in my age group 60-65. I’ve got to be happy with that. This was my first ever marathon.

No, I’m not doing another! All those months of training? No, definitely NO!

This was just something I’ve had on my Bucket List for many years. Tick!

Perth Marathon 2013

I am not an artist, far from it, but that doesn’t mean I can’t play around with a pencil and paper, pretending….. I have taken a couple of workshops/classes in portraiture and even ventured out joining a life drawing group for a couple of months.

P1060615 P1060618

I won’t be specific. Just know that I did a lot of travelling this last year, both within Australia and overseas.

Have you ever wished you could play the piano?

Me too, so I have been talking lessons and …. I don’t practice enough …. but it is fun trying. I have never played a musical instrument before and therefore can’t read music ……. so there is a lot to learn! I can’t tick this one off the list just yet, if ever!

I did, however, managed to tick off another item on my Bucket List. I walked the Camino de Santiago in May and June this year. I wrote a blog along the way, and if you are interested go and look here.


I also did a little sewing as an invitation to a wedding came in and of course, I had nothing to wear.

This is from the latest Marfy catalog, pattern number 0303.

I had never heard of Marfy till I read some blogs and I became interested. I like a lot of their designs. The postage from Italy to Australia for a heavy catalog is steep and although I initially wanted catalogs from the last three or four years, I soon changed my mind. The catalogs are also available in the US, but they don’t ship to other continents.

As usual I had a lot of trouble with fitting and ended up doing three muslins before I had an acceptable pattern to work with. I used a Thai silk, which I underlined with silk organza and basically followed the couture method as demonstrated by Susan Khalje in her Craftsy course The Couture Dress.


I am reasonably happy with the end result although there is definitely room for improvement.

I still haven’t conqured the perfect fit.

BUT, I’m back working on it!


4 thoughts on “A year has passed …….

  1. Hi Lene, it’s great to have you back blogging. If you can’t get something posted from the US, go to http://www.ustooz.com/. You simply register, have things posted to their US address and Sarah will post to you. It’s also much cheaper even when companies will post to Australia. I love the dress, and congratulations on the marathon! I also have the piano on my bucket list – I have the piano, had a few lessons as a child, but hated it. We should have another coffee!!

    • Hello Sue – long time no see!
      Thank you for your suggestion for shipping from the US. I would love to learn more, so a coffee is definitely a great idea. I would also love to hear what you have been up to in recent months. Send me an email with a time and date suitable to you.

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