Jeans – or not?

I have never attempted jeans before, but looking at my stash – there is a lot of denim as well as other lengths suitable for jeans. As you have all seen on my Jacket post – my current jeans are in a sore need of replacement.

So I grabbed my stash of Burda magazines and found a pattern that looks a lot like jeans – although they were not named as such. It was issue April 2010 – 120.

Pants never fit me straight out – I expect many other people have the same problem – so I made muslins. This is my first one:


I won’t bore you with all my adjustments. Instead here is my first pair of jeans style pants. They are by no means perfect, but I feel they are good enough to wear. I think I need a little more fabric across the front, and I also feel I need to lower the waistband a little more in the front. I would really value your comments regarding fit, as that is always my problem.



I am happy with the top stitching – the design on the pocket is VW – a nickname my husband gave me meaning Viking Woman – not the car!!!!!!


I forgot to give the centre back seam the jeans treatment – oh well, next time 🙂


7 thoughts on “Jeans – or not?

    • Thank you Beverly – I also find that Burda patterns are the best for my figure, although I always have to make some alterations.

  1. These look fantastic! You did a much better job of your back pockets than I did. The back of them looks terrific, I can’t really tell about the front – not that I would know, really! I like the fabric too – does it have a self stripe?

    • Hi Sue, thanks for your nice comment. Yes, the fabric has a stripey texture which I thought was really nice when I bought it about 8 years ago 🙂 – now I am not so sure, but for a first tryout it was OK.

  2. Oh the pants fitting thing …. yes I am about to get into that again lol. I have taken a break to get my mojo back and, two new fitting books later, am keen to crack on. Almost. I shall watch with interest to see how you get on.

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