I have a new Jacket


I made this jacket as a test of the Butterick pattern 4610.

This pattern was included in the Craftsy class The Fashionably Quilted Jacket, which I enrolled in a couple of months ago. Now – I am not into quilting. In fact I have never quilted anything in my life, so why would I enrol in a lesson involving quilting?

I was really impressed with the jacket made by Mary Ray, which was featured in Threads September 2012 issue. The jacket was made from a mesh knit fabric, which I have in my stash.

So when I discovered that Mary Ray was actually running a class on making such a jacket, my interest was caught.


I have sloping and forwarded rotated shoulders so I made adjustments to accommodate those issues. My right shoulder is also lower than the left – another adjustment, and finally my right shoulder blade is flatter and further forward than my left, so I had to take in the back princess seams by different amounts at each side. These alterations around the armscye meant that corresponding adjustments had to be made to the sleeve. It took me some time to figure out, but I am quite pleased with the end result.

I made a bound buttonhole, handstitched the patchpockets to the jacket from the back and fully lined the jacket with a navy bemsilk.


I still think I have some a fitting issues on the back – see the folds below the arms? Even though I lowered the armscye on the back bodice after lowering the shoulders, I don’t think I took enough out. I inserted shoulder pads to even out my shoulders somewhat, but I think I could improve here. What do you think? I also now note a fold across the top of the sleeve when viewed from the back. How would I fix that?


Sigh! I really would love to make myself some jackets, but I just can’t seem to achieve a good fit.

This fabric is from my stash, and although I started making the jacket before I joined the Style the Stash Sew Along, I will count it in. Two metres of wool/synthetic stash was used up for this make.

My total stash beginning of June 2013 was 167.7metres.

My jeans have seen better days – I think it is time I attempt making a pair of new jeans. That will be a new sewing experience for me.

Happy sewing!


14 thoughts on “I have a new Jacket

  1. To be honest, this fits much better than a bought jacket. I love the colour and the binding, and it looks beautifully made, very impressive!

    • Thank you so much for your encouraging comments. Yes, it would be fun to catch up. Send me an email with your available times and we will make that happen.

    • Thank you Lena – that is so helpful. I really, really appreciate your advice. I am glad to be back blogging – I love the connection with fellow bloggers and I am so amazed at the help you are all offering.

    • Thank you Karen. I am going to join in your pyjama party again this year. I just hope I have a suitable fabric in my stash (working hard at reducing my stash) – if not, I will simply have to go and buy some. I have so much admiration for what you create and for your blog posts. They are always so interesting – and good luck writing for The Guardian!

  2. I think that is a jacket you can be very proud of!! It looks wonderful – and the minor fitting issues you pointed out will probably never be noticed by anyone else. I always think that still photos make any small creases or folds stand out more – when you are wearing the garment, it’s a much more fluid look. Anyway, congrats on a great jacket!

    • Thank you very much for your encouraging comments. I guess we always strive for a great fit and it is so disappointing when it doesn’t happen. However, we must keep trying and never ever give up 🙂

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  4. Wow you made a Jacket! And its red and glorious! The fit issues …. I bow to those of better knowledge but agree wholeheartedly that this lovely red and blue jobbie fits better than a bought one so congratulations.

    Couldn’t agree more about never giving up. My kids tell me “never surrender” and they’re right lol.

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