Finally …. a view of Lene’s stash

It took me a while …. but finally I got my stash into the kind of order I am happy for other people to see.

Before I do that, however, I want to thank Sarah Liz for dreaming up the forum of ‘2013 Style The Stash Sew Along’ for all of us to contribute to, but also for actually putting her idea into being. This idea of ‘Styling our stash’ is so inspirational. Rather than simply using up our stashes, the focus is now more on creating something really special. Well, that is how I see it anyway.

Because of this shift of focus, in my mind, I decided to really go through my stash. I mean really go through it, and I am amazed at what I found that I had forgotten about. I also looked at my fabrics with new eyes and started dreaming of what they could become – given time 🙂

I thought I had a lot of fabrics, but after seeing what everyone else has posted, I no longer feel quite so bad.

above is the top of my cupboard, with some of my sewing books and here is the bottom of the cupboard with a couple of shoe boxes full of patterns.

In addition I have four and a half years worth of Burda Style Magazines. I find that I can usually find a pattern in one of those mags that are similar to patterns from the big 4 or independent pattern makers.

I have sorted and folded my fabrics and placed into piles that make sense to me. I also measured each piece and used old business cards (being retired, I no longer need them) to record the width and measurement as well as composition, if known. In addition I attached a little cutting of each fabric to the card. I have yet to add up how many metres of fabric I have, but I think there is a lot.

Finally I must confess that I have quite a few garments in my cupboard that are never worn due to bad fit, style or colour. I plan to modify or recreate something with those garments as well.

Must get on with my sewing, I have a lot to do 🙂


5 thoughts on “Finally …. a view of Lene’s stash

  1. Hi Lene, yes it is good to view the stash in this way – that is exactly the idea – so often we just look at stash and feel guilty, or that we “should use something” – instead of seeing it as a valuable treasure. I am so glad you have joined us and that I’ve found another oz blogger.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words Sarah. I am the one that should thank you though. You came up with such a wonderful idea and not only that; you made your idea a reality. Obviously, you have also caught the attention of quite a few sewers. I am sure we will see a lot of projects to admire and inspire.

    • It is a great idea, now I will have to see how much sewing I will get done. Sarah Liz has created a great blog site which we can all post to

      • Yes, I’ve had a look. We must try and catch up for that coffee – in person, rather than virtually.

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