NZ Merino Wool

In February last year I went to NZ for a holiday. I spent a few days hiking near Queenstown, a couple of days cruising the Milford and Doubtful Sounds and another four days canoeing down the Whanganoi River before being lazy in the Bay of Islands.

Whilst in Te Anau I walked passed a store selling knitting wool, and what caught my eye was this

I just had to have it!

Now, I am not really into knitting. My last project was a jacket which I finished last week – after 5 year of knitting!!!!! I will blog about that soon.

Anyway the lady assured me that there is enough yarn for knitting a lacy scarf. And here is the result…

Hmm – the light is obviously important. The yarn is in daylight and the scarf was taken indoor this evening. Daylight is obviously much better!

Happy sewing


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