More of the same – oh NO

Note to self – there are other patterns out there and it would be OK to try something different.

Hmmm yes …but…

Ok this is the last and final version I will make of the dress I have shown in the last couple of posts. I saw this fantastic stretch lace and couldn’t think of anything I could do with it. In addition I needed something of an evening attire and I had nothing suitable.

I placed the lace onto a white jersey and loved the look. The lace pattern wasn’t symmetrical, so placing it on centre front didn’t quite work out. Regardless of how I placed the lace on the pattern, there would always be something looking ‘wrong’ near the neckline. In the end I just did the best I could.

As I wanted it longish, i felt it needed a wide band of black at the bottom. How to select the right width was a problem. I looked through the web and came up with 1:4. I don’t think it looks quite right and I would love to know if there is a formula for things like that.

Anyway, the dress came together quite easily and I had the needed outfit – although I haven’t worn it since. Not quite comfortable – doesn’t feel quite right.



11 thoughts on “More of the same – oh NO

  1. I see what you mean about the black band, I think I would try pinning it up at various depths and see which pleases the eye. My guess is 6 inches or less would work. Or you could try the golden ratio, 1.61803399. The other thing that might help is a little black bolero jacket, it might balance the border a bit. Or maybe a narrow black belt? Here is a pattern for the little jacket that I had in mind.

    I don’t think the asymmetry of the lace detracts in any way from the dress, it is clear it isn’t a balanced lace, so IMO it works.

    • Those are great ideas – I especially like the black jacket. I think I also need to get a bit of shape into the dress. Some darts may help. Quite frankly, at the moment it just looks like a sack.

  2. I agree about the lace – I didn’t even notice any asymmetry with the lace so don’t tell anyone and they won’t notice either! I really like that the ‘split’ hemline (with and black at different levels) draws the eye down making you look very tall and the tie detail at the left shoulder then draws the eye up again, further elongating you. Lovely details both I think.

    • Thank you – definitely, next time I attempt colour blocking I will use the Golden Mean. Unfortunately, I didn’t know about this at the time.

  3. Hi there, catching up on your blog and loving it. About the band, what about shortening the black and replacing with a little of the lace, unlined? The total length remains the same, but the lace bottom would be a little softer.

    • Good idea Rosemary – I had forgotten all about this dress. I has been put into the back of the cupboard (with all my other unsuccessful makes) and I never see it. This was – oh wow, back in 2012 – 3 years ago!

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