First one was OK – I’ll try another

The first dress turned out Ok I think – so why not make another?

Indeed, I used the same pattern on a white, red and grey abstract pattern that had just come into the shop. I was the first to buy I was told.

I love the colours and I am happy with the result. This time I used self fabric for the neck and armhole binding.

This dress is just so easy, but I need to ease myself into sewing again. I can’t start with failures now, can I?

I have a few other items I have made over the last six months that I wanted to blog about, but somehow never had the courage.

Now that I have started blogging and found it is not that scary (in fact there are wonderful friendly people out there, who say really nice things in their comments) I want to show all those items. Once that is done, I will show what I am working on at the moment. Much more challenging and interesting things ……

Stay tuned..


5 thoughts on “First one was OK – I’ll try another

    • Don’t worry Elle – I won’t!
      I just have a few things that I made over the last 6 months that I want to blog about. This helps me keep track of my progress and achievements. I had planned to start in January but somehow it didn’t happen. Now I am just trying to catch up.

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