My tools

First I pulled out my sewing tools to check out their condition.

I had my sewing machine and the overlocker serviced shortly before I gave up on sewing some years ago. BUT – what is their condition now?

Surprisingly – not too bad. I gave them a good oiling and very gently, I pushed the pedals. Before long they were happily spinning along as if they had never been condemmed to the bottom of a dark cupboard in the spare room.

Next I pulled out all my bits and pieces. You know! pins, scissors, buttons, zippers, threads etc. It was quite fun really – almost like Christmas. Even though I sort of knew what I would find, I also had some surprices. Why on earth did I buy those humongous shoulder pads? Look – the lace I inhereted from my grandmother! ….. and I had forgotten the shoebox full of commercial patterns in my stash!

The other thing I have is my Burda Style Magazines. I have subscribed for many, many years, but having had to move house several times and once even interstate – I had given most of them away. I have only saved the issues from January 2009 through to today. I never cancelled my subscription as I had so much pleasure looking through them and dreaming………one day!

Cheers for now


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