My New Year’s resolutions????

In January this year I decided to do two things:

1. Get back into sewing for myself

2. Write a blog about my achievements

Now, I haven’t had time or inclination to sew for a very long time. Last time I had a lot of fitting issues and ended up throwing my ‘creation’ in the bin, pack up my sewing machine and dispose of most of my stash. My stash was substantial, but I hope The Salvation Army found a use for my discarded fabrics or was able to sell them to someone else.

I didn’t cull everything. There were some pieces that I simply couldn’t part with, and hopefully my new enthusiasm will find a way to make something out of those – time will tell.

We are now into July (really??? – how time flies!) and I feel it is time to own up. I have been doing a bit of sewing but I haven’t blogged about any of it – except showing the pyjama pants I made for Karen’s Pyjama Party back in April.

Over the coming days I will make amend, and write a brief post about the few items I have made. Hopefully I will get into the swing of things and continue regularly from there on.

Cheers for now.


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