How to solve my problem?

My main reason for giving up sewing such a long time ago was that I no longer could get my creations to fit. Years take their toll on the body – well at least that is what happened to mine. I used to be a straight size 38, then size 40 in Burda, but when I later in life came to make the size 42, problems started to pop up. Things didn’t fit any longer!

So what are my problems? I wish I knew. I have wrestled with those problems for so long and not having a sewing friend, I eventually gave up. Now, however, I am going to figure it out – somehow.

I decided that a dress-form would be ideal. I could simply dial in my measurements – and woo-hoo I could figure out my ‘issues’ really quickly and I could start making my dream fashion!


What I hadn’t realised (silly me) was that the dress-forms only adjust to suit the standard sizes. I.e. it will not adjust to mould the wide shoulders, slightly rounded high back and the bigger abdomen.

I tried to pad out my dress form. I donated an old bra and stuffed that with towelling – no too hard and inflexible wadding. It was too soft and didn’t work, but I haven’t found anything better so far. Frankly, I have become a little disillusioned.

Then the other day I saw a great idea on Gorgeous Things blog. They were using Commercial fitting patterns to create a ‘Double’ using a dress form. I am waiting in great anticipation to see how that works out. I may decide to copy their work.

Cheers for now


10 thoughts on “How to solve my problem?

  1. I hope to have this problem after I have finished losing weight! Somewhere out there there is a tutorial for making a body double that you can slip over your dress form. I am planning on doing this when I get to goal weight. It might be on the Threads website.

  2. I am thrilled to have found your blog. You describe exactly what has happened to me, I no longer fit a standard pattern either. A great site to join is the stitchers guild They have been a great help to me trying to get a good fit, takes patience and I am not there yet but getting better thanks to these ladies who have heaps of experience. I will be following your blog with a great deal of interest.

    • Thank you for your comment. So glad to hear that other people are overcoming their problems. I have recently joined Australian Sewers Guild and I hope to find some people there to help me. I will also join Stitchers Guild – thanks for the advise. Do you have a blog? I would like to follow your journey. Perhaps we can assist each other?

  3. Oh the non-standard. Me too – my measurements have never been standard and I am finally starting to find out where and how to adjust. Well, that’s the plan anyway. Hmmmm. Wish me luck?!

    • I am sending every sewing and fitting luck, I can find, in your direction. I am sure you are getting there now – just look at your trouser muslin – beautiful. I haven’t attempted trousers for years. I guess I am scared – but, ONE DAY I WILL!!!!!

    • Thank you so much for finding me and for passing on your wonderful body double tutorial. Your idea is absolutely brilliant and I would like to try it! I am in the middle of attempting to make a double as per Gorgeous Fabrics . However, they haven’t posted their final double, which makes me think they are having some problems! Great to hear you are over your long illness and have the energy and motivation to sew. Good luck!

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