6 months have passed

Why has it taken me so long to get moving on this ‘blogging thing’?

It ought to be easy. Just write a few words upload some photos – and bingo!

No, for me it has something to do with not knowing how to work WordPress, and then just ignoring it. What you don’t see won’t hurt you – right?

Well that is not entirely true either. I am following a lot of people who make amazing clothes and I often want to comment, but rarely do – as I haven’t yet got my blog up, and I am not showing any of my home creations.

Time to bite the bullet. This is the first of July and I am starting my blog NOW!!!!!

I don’t expect anybody would see this post, but ……. if someone should find it ……. did you have teething problems when you first started to blog?


12 thoughts on “6 months have passed

  1. Yes, I am reading! I subscribed straight after the Pyjama Party. If you read the first blog posts from any blogger they are uncertain and shaky. Doesn’t matter! It is all part of the fun. Go for it!

  2. I just started blogging in January. I started a blog to encourage myself to sew more, to that degree it has worked. At lot of times I really have to force myself to post and sometimes those are the posts that I end up liking the most.

    Everyone who blogs was new to it at one time (wasn’t that a brilliant statement?), I have found the sewing community to be incredibly supportive. As Nike says, Just Do It.

    Like Karen I started following you after her Pyjama Party.

  3. Teething probs, yep. Figuring out my writing / blogging style and how best to layout pictures and what not. All kinda working itself out still I think. The sewing – well I need to get onto it more and that’s why I blog too, plus I love being part of a community, even just a little slow-sewing part of it.

    Take the pressure off. That’s the ticket. Because if you do and you still enjoy the blogging and sewing then you are onto a good thing.

    • You are so right, take the pressure off. I have a lot to learn other than sewing skils. How to work a blog, how to adjust all the hidden settings to be exactly what I like, how to upload a photo in the appropriate size, how to take appropriate photos, how to set up a separate “place, menu” where I can store all the wonderful tutorials and hints I see on fantastic blogs everywhere (I still haven’t worked that out) etc.
      I do, however, love being in contact with so many clever and interesting people, so it is worth all the sweat and tears. But hey, everyone must have had a begining at some point so I am hopeful that over time my blogging skills will improve too.

  4. Hi Oz viking, I am trawling through the blogs for the Perth Burda group, having just discovered it today!! I understand your issues with size 42 Burda….if you can find a pattern that is stylish in the magazines that is for a 42!! so often style disappears with the laarger sizes.

    • Hi Rosemary. Thanks for your comment. I am just doing my tax and not sewing … sigh! I have not blogged for a very long time. I’m not sure if it is the right thing for me but I love following others. I have recently had some professional help to create my own fitting shell. This I think will help me achieving a better fit. I still love Burda, and there are so many patterns I would love to attempt. I think I need a sewing buddy to encourage and assist.

      • I started a blog and then let it slide as I was sure no one would be interested! I tend to be a lurker, happy to follow others’ sewing activities and plans. I don’t know how they find the time to blog and sew! Back to your tax, I have mine ready for tomorrow’s appointment!

      • That is so funny – you did your tax yesterday! I suppose you live in Perth as well?

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