Who am I?

Hi My name is Lene and I live in Perth, Australia.

This blog will be a record of my sewing journey. I used to sew in my teens and early 20s. I made jackets in checked fabric – where the checks matched – and I always inserted zippers by hand.  In fact, looking back, I realise that I actually did know a lot about sewing thanks to my mother who taught me.

So what happened? Life I guess. I explored some parts of the world, I got married, I had not one, but three different careers, and I had two wonderful children who are now successful in their own chosen careers. There were some rocks on my path too including losing my husband in 2004 – but I have recently found new love and I have much to smile about again.

Unfortunately years also have their impact on the body. I am no longer the straight Burda size 38 I used to be. The waist is not as defined, the bust has increased and my back is not as straight as it once was. I have to learn how to change a pattern to fit me – and that is a totally new challenge for me.

Ozviking? … I was born and grew up in Denmark, but have lived in Australia since my early 20s …